[Event] Rainbow's 2 Year Party - 700k in Prizes

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by RainbowChin, May 22, 2014.

  1. This Monday, June 2 will be 2 year anniversary here on EMC.

    To celebrate, I plan to host massive Mob Arena event, followed by a drop party.

    -Mob Arena-
    4 No Items, No Buffs rounds, with a 10k prize for each.
    Plus some surprise prizes here or there :)

    -Drop Party-
    Held on smp7, expect many items to be dropped.
    Approxomately 130k worth of Misc Blocks, including TNT, Diamonds & Emeralds.
    2014-05-29_02.08.29.png 2014-05-29_02.08.33.png 2014-05-29_02.08.41.png 2014-05-29_02.08.46.png 2014-05-29_02.08.55.png 2014-05-29_02.08.59.png
    2014-05-29_02.09.06.png 2014-05-29_02.09.11.png 2014-05-29_02.09.19.png 2014-05-29_02.09.23.png 2014-05-29_02.09.28.png 2014-05-29_02.09.32.png
    100k in rupee prize books.
    I will also personally be dropping about 420k worth of promo items :)

    The fun kicks off June 2 at 8PM GMT.
  2. :D
    This sounds epic! Congrats for (almost) 2 years!
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  3. We share a 2 year, congrats man!
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  4. Don't think I can make it, last few days of school, but sounds fun! Congratz on 2 years :)
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  5. Wow! Congrats on 2 years and thanks for holding a celebration for it, I'll be there :)
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  6. Oh yeah! Congrats on the 730th day!!
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  7. sounds great, I will be there!
  8. Congrats ! i'm going for the 1000th days ^^
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  9. Thread updated :)
  10. I might actually be able to come :D
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  11. I wish I could go, but I have school that day.
  12. Same here... I joined on the same day.
    2 days off of you, Rainbowchin.
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  13. Sounds great, but time of day sucks. Will be 1pm PST here and I'll be at work.
  14. Daft!
  15. Hopefully, ill make it. It is a tight squeeze for me. Make sure to open the server to like 200 slots, or at least the max you can.
  16. Will try to come! Thanks so much, and congrats! And- holy gumpdrops, is that the White Point Star in that chest?
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  17. Well, I'm not expecting such high numbers, but we can hope :)
    ooh no, that will never be leaving my possession. Just a standard nether star
    (Might rename it "White Point Star" just for the lols tho :p)
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  18. it is a moderator drop party, let alone a drop party with mega items being dropped. I would hope a ton of people show up.