[Event] Race for the Promo!

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  1. Hey all. I've built a maze complex underneath one of my resses. It will be open at 1pm EMC time on SMP2. I have move set to false, to keep people from getting in early, and that will be removed, and I will announce the res location to the start when we're all there.The meeting place will be /v 3473 on SMP2. From there, I will post the res location to teleport into the maze.

    You might want to bring some random items for comfort. I guarantee that the whole thing can be and has been completed by one person with no items, though.

    At the end is a single shop chest, and in that chest is a torch for one rupee. The first person to buy that torch will win a prize.

    It's a seeeecret prize, but it IS a promo from earlier this year. Unused/unopened.

    Good luck, and I hope to see you there!

  2. I prefer my sanity over promos, so I think I'll pass on this one. :p

    But I have to ask, does the maze open today? It's already way past 1 pm. ;)
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  3. What is the date? I cannot seem to find it :/

    Nonetheless, sounds like a great event!
  4. Oh no, forgot the date!!!! This sunday, 7/12/15
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  5. Same. I also have a maze.... under my res... Sounds fun!
  6. Oh, you still have sanity? How... unfortunate.

    btw, I added more.
  7. Only about a day left until the maze is opened! If we can get 15 likes for the original post, I'll release info about the promo. Tell your friends!
  8. Why smp2 :( I don't want to leave my wild base.
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  9. Get an Alt ;)
  10. Because all of my resses are on smp2.
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  11. Almost time! I will do my best to be there.. things are a bit crazy atm. Good luck and have fun everyone participating. X's res is a special brand of fun =P
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  12. I'm super excited. I know we didn't reach the required likes, but I'm in a generous mood.

    The prize is an unopened Cupid Bundle!

    With an hour to go, let's see how many people we can get there.
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  13. Im so in i beat your maze twice >:D
  14. I think I can be there! :)
  15. You beat the old one. I've done a bit more since then.
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  16. Let me know how it goes and which minds are lost! Wish I could be there to observe :)
  17. Just finished! Megatockiin won, with LadyJaye just seconds behind. It was amazing.
  18. OMG, that was the hardest maze I ever done. I was in the room with 5 buttons, was I really close or not even close? It was really fun. Thanks! :D :)
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  19. If anyone wants to run a specific room again, let me know which one and I'll release the resloc for it.
  20. There's a specific combination that unlocks it, I'm not sure how close you were to finishing. If you want to try it again, use '/v x7mx 2 finish' to teleport to it.