[EVENT] Qwerty189's 1k day party!

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    1,000 days ago, at 3:58 pm, I logged on for the first time, and did the tutorial. Little did I know, way back when, that I would stay for a thousand days! I would like to thank a few people, in the spoiler below.

    CNKilla187 was my very first friend. They were generous, kind, and got banned for hacking. However, they were my first friend, so I don't really care what they did. :p
    Creppaninga235 was my second friend. He was the one who gave me the idea of starting an emerald factory. (1134) I don't know why he left, but he was an even better friend than CNK.
    Justiceinacan1111 was a buddy of mine. We didn't do much together, but the time we spent at Slimetown was very well spent. :)
    Amusedstew was a great guy. I don't remember how we met, but he was my first choice for TTMOF. Recently, he had to leave, but I'll forever cherish the time we had.
    nick_godoy started a gold farm with me way back when. It was never finished, but I don't really care any more. We've drifted apart recently, but he will always have a part of my memory.
    8comimi was the reason TTMOF was started. I had no idea what I was doing when I let that little troll join the team, but I'm glad I did.
    hashhog3000 has died many times over, but he keeps on respawning. He would never last a day in a hardcore world. :p
    jacob5089 pestered me until we became friends. Not much more to say here :3
    BrenRGerm was the guy who convinced me to start a mall, and he's the guy constantly urging me to finish.
    Tedrocker is my pet teddy, and you know how much pets can influence lives.

    But anyways, the party! :D
    The party!

    There will be two events:
    Escape from Qwerty's res!
    What: Go to Qwerty's 4th res, and try to get out. /res unstuck and other such loopholes will result in nothing.

    When: Saturday the 31st, at 11:30 am EMC time.
    Where: Res 1233. Permissions will be given on the date of the event.
    Why: See below reason.
    Prizes: A diamond block to the first to get through each section, and a beacon (and my head) to the winner.

    The villager drop party!
    What: Dropping all things villager; emeralds, spawn eggs, heads, glowstone, paper, etc.
    When: Saturday the 7th, at 11:30 am EMC time.
    Where: Will be revealed when the time comes.
    Prizes: All the dropped items!
    More info will be given out later on. See you all there!

    I don't always play Minecraft, but when I do, I play EMC. Stay mining, my friends.
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  4. To those of you thinking this was rude at all this is basically exactly what happened. Also how I joined TTMOF
  5. :O I was mentioned :D! Happy 1000 days Qwerty!
  6. Happy 1000

    Emc b-day that is :)
  7. Best candles ever xD
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  8. Eeeeearly morning
  9. Bump! Come on people, give me some indication that you're seeing this.
  10. Congratz! :D And thanks for mentioning me. Even though this little troll has gotten a little more serious, you can always expect a joke from me. ;)
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  11. I like to think that I'd try a bit harder if the life of my world depended on it, but I have no way of knowing, as I don't play Hardcore. :p

    Congrats on 1000 days! The party sounds totally awesome! :D
  12. New goal! 2000 days on the Empire!
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  13. Congratz on the 1k days, I'll try and get to the Party if i don't have work on that Day.
  14. Congratz on your 1000th day! Sent you a little something, check your rupees!
  15. So that's what that was... :)
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  16. Gosh, 1/2 of the posts are bumps :l
  17. grats on 1000 days!
  18. Happy 1000 days!! :D