[EVENT] QuarterStop Inc. Time Capsule!

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Are you interested in Donating an Item?

Yes 16 vote(s) 80.0%
No 4 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Greetings, EMC! QuarterStop Inc. has a special announcement for everyone. We have constructed an iron vault at our headquarters on SMP3, at /v 6006 and have decided to bury a time capsule next to the path. Anyone can be part of the future of Empire Minecraft. EMC citizens will be able to put in items of their choice (no dirt) along with a written book listing the items they added. Items will be accepted until Saturday December 7th, 2013. In one year’s time after it is sealed, Sunday December 7th, 2014, we will open it and redistribute everyone’s items. A forum post will be made with everyone’s names for everyone to see in December of 2014. Contact QuarterStop or Lego7883 if you would like to take part in this event. There will be a 20 rupee charge for non-SMP3 residents and a 10 rupee charge for SMP3 residents (SMP3 is an awesome server, come join us!) to add items. This is for the recognition everyone gets in one year, promote SMP3 as a home, and to secure the future of QuarterStop Inc. We hope to see everyone at the sealing ceremony on December 7th, and once again in one year’s time. More information, including the exact time, will be released, closer to the date.

    QuarterStop Inc. © QuarterStop and Lego7883, 2012-2013
  3. We need people to donate special items.
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  4. your charging for donations...
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  5. You're*
  6. Sure, why not?
    Seems interesting.
  7. Sounds cool, but perhaps you could get a time capsule on each smp. :p
  8. That would be a little difficult, but we're only giving a discount to smp3'ers because we are low on population and need more people :p


    IF you'd like to donate and myself or lego7883 are not online, start a conversation with one of us. I can pickup stuff from separate smp's if you setup an access chest.
  9. i don't care, you shouldn't either, this is a game forum not a college paper, and how do you know that's what i meant, i could've meant it like in this sentence.

    your charging for donations is a bit silly

    where it would mean the possessive form of your, but you can't tell because it ended in ...

    edit: and i'm also supposed to capitalize I, but i'm not going to correct it because once again, my give a care is broken.
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  10. i was thinking of donating a stable voucher but i think its a joke to pay you to take it, i'll donate it still, but you have to come to smp4 and get it, earn those extra 10r
  11. Friendly bump.. :)
  12. Bump.. :) Tell your friends!
  13. Going to donate some diamonds.... Might need them for future use
  14. Heck yeaaaaaa written/signed book by meeeeeee lol :D
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  15. All ya got to do is message me on the forums, or in game. If I don't reply ig within 5 minutes just send anything on the site.
  16. I want to donate a book that says "I spent 20r on this so you better like it"
  17. amazing idea i was looking to do the same thing but had not got around to getting it on the forums but i do not however agree to the charging for a time capsual event, and there always that risk of you going derelict
  18. ill do a time capsle on smp9 =)
  19. PM me we can discuss some options :) Always glad to colab with others.
  20. cost money to make chests and dig up dirt and make shovels