[Event] Puzzl 900th Day (Starts in 1 Hour!)

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  1. Find the hidden signs
    Solve the puzzles
    Claim your prize

    Exploration starts 6:30PM EMC time at /v 2223 and /v 2220 on SMP1

    Be there or be square
    wait, aren't we all square? I mean it's Minecraft...

    1st Place (35k, HHMM, Dragon Fragment, iDay 2014 Firework, TTF Steak, Labor Bench 2014)
    2nd Place (15k, iDay 2014 Firework, TTF Steak, Labor Bench 2014)
    3rd Place (10k, iDay 2014 Firework, TTF Steak)

    If you find a clue, PM me its name. Once all clues are found in both areas, I will allow the group to progress to the puzzle stage.

    For my 1000th day, I'll host a huginormous megaparty - and you can help it happen. I've already got thousands in promos, but you can donate at 413 for items, or send rupees with the reason as "1000th Day".

    Don't hack, don't complain, follow EMC rules. This is free.
  2. twice a first place
    how do you decide the first one :p
    ow and whats a HHMM
  3. whoops, that's 3rd place. Haunted Horse Man Mask
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  4. Final Standings
    Rosy2696 - 1st
    jkrmnj - 2nd
    srhoel - 3rd

    Thanks for playing
  5. Yay second place. I wish my Internet had been better and didn't disconnect me every few minutes but it was really fun and challenging.
  6. I missed it. :( Congratulations on 900 days!