{EVENT} Promo Auction

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  1. On the 22nd, (Saturday), at 8:00 pm EMC time, Me and Mercenaries2009 will be holding an Auction at /v 14487 on the first floor. There will be some promos, and some other stuff. You'll just have to attend to find out! Make sure you have your wallets packed, because this auction will have some items of high value!
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  2. Will the promos be stated at the event?
  3. I think I saw somewhere that all items have to be announced before the auction, so I would assume yes :)
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  4. Yes, on Friday I'll announce the items that will be there on this thread. :D
  5. Don't forget, There will be some food and drinks as well! So, come grab a snack with us at the Auction!
  6. LIST:
    -DC of eggs
    -DC of Horse Spawn Eggs
    -SC of Lava Buckets
    -2014 Birthday Cake
    -2014 Labor Bench
    -Maxarian Head
    -DC of Potatoes/Carrots

    And of course, Food and Drinks! Everyone is welcome to attend!
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  7. JUST A REMINDER: The Auction is Happening Today!!! (11/22/2014 Saturday at 20:00 EST Time)

    Confused? Go to http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ and Convert the time zones!

    Thank You!
  8. This is happening soon! Hurry if you wanna make it! :D
  9. This event is now over! Thanks everyone for coming out!