[EVENT] Pokemon Battle Day!!

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  1. Calling All Pokemon Fans!!

    I am going to be battling players on pokemon for most of the day! ( Date will be told as you read ). I love to do pokemon battles. Even though I never win its fun and its good practice for battles against Gym Leaders and other tough battles!

    I think to battle me the way I am doing it using Pokemon X you need either, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby , or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire to play.

    It is pretty simple to arrange a time to battle with me. Ill give you the steps if you dont know how and the schedule time Ill prob. be on.

    1. Add me to your friend list, dont forget to give me your friend code to! My Friend Code:
    2767 0243 7915
    If you dont know where your friend code is, open to your home screen of ur 3DS. Look at the top and find the smiley face ( friends list ) and click on that. Next scroll next to the friend online thingy and see your lil profile status and on the bottom it should say "Friend Code: [ numbers ]"

    2. You can either go play pokemon and wait and see until I join than send me a battle request or you can post on this thread that your on and we can battle now if i am available. ( I might send you a battle request first XD ) I am only doing double battles no larger! ( Having 2 pokemon out at a time battling )

    3. Battle Away!

    Time Schedule ( EMC Time ):
    9:00am-11:00am :Break: 1:00pm-10:00pm
    Times may change, I might be on longer or shorter!! ( IRL things might effect this )

    Who: Anyone who has Pokemon thats compatible to this!!

    What: Player battles on Pokemon!!

    Where: On Pokemon, duh XD

    When: Monday June 20, 2016. Time Schedule Above.

    Why: Fooorrr Fuuuunnn!!

    P.S. I will try to battle everyone that wants to, sorry if I miss you :(

    Suggested Format To Use If Want To Battle ( You dont have to do this, but it would be helpful ):

    Friend Code:
    Want To Battle Around This Time: