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  1. In a week I will be on spring break. I would like to host several events during this time and I have many ideas, so here are a few. Let me know what you think!

    Capture the Flag on the Empire!
    Play CTF on the Town map from SMP1!
    (This will require someone to download it for me, as the mod hates me :'()

    Capture the Flag on Custom Terrain!
    This will be CTF on custom terrain map(s) by the famous terraformer Aurulien_Sama

    Play on a Castle map where one team will attempt to gain entrance to the other team's base!

    The Walls!
    This one speaks for itself.

    Any sort of competitive team style maps that you know of, let me know!

    I will also be adding to this list throughout this week.
  2. Siege sounds fun to me.
  3. I also may want to add man vs mutant sort of game. This may be difficult so don't expect it.
  4. Won't The Walls cause a lot of lag though?
  5. Bed wars
  6. I thought of that. But I'm not sure I want to do it.

  7. Any thoughts on a Planetoids based CTF/TD?