[EVENT] PI Drop Party!

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Are you going to MISS a once in a lifetime holiday?

Yes... I feel sad 8 vote(s) 30.8%
No, I'm coming why would I pass this up? 14 vote(s) 53.8%
I will come if I can to celebrate PI 4 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. Time: Tonight 8 PM EMC Time
    Location: smp5, res 10940
    Description: It's PI DAY!!! Not only that, but the most ultimate Pi day in 100 years! How can you not celebrate something that only comes once in a lifetime? I will be dropping a DC of Pi renamed with several digits of PI in my cake. On Pi days my cake can morph into a pie, and all of you will be the filling! Sorry I couldn't plan farther ahead, I had to get the pi before posting. I will drop a special cookie among the mess to redeem for an extra prize:)
    Donations to the drop party can be accepted by mailing me the item titled "DONATION" Have a good day and eat PI everyone! (Notice my profile pic?:p) You can bring your favorite music disc :)
  2. This is a great idea i am so coming to this!
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  3. Sounds awesome! but i can't go sadly. :(;)
  4. Wow, thanks! :p And yeah, I forgot you've had the profile pic, you've had that for a loooong time. Guess this is your day to shine! :D Though I'd argue that this doesn't come once in a lifetime, necessarily. With the way technology's going, it's estimated that many of the younger players will see another Ultimate Pi Day. ;)
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  5. I guess if they live 100 years :)
  6. i think i messed up my vote, i am going to miss this one and a lifetime Pi event!!
  7. I am soo coming
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  8. Well its 3.14.15 But next year we will have 3.14 soo Pi Day will be there next year :D Just not 3.14.15
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  9. Going to be gooood, pi! Count me in.
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  10. I have decided to add a special cookie with a code redeemable for something special :)
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  11. Remember guys, in case there is any confusion on EMC time, the event starts in 3 hours and 10 minutes! :) You can also check EMC time by typing /time
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  12. Bring your favorite music discs! I only have 13, chirp, cat, and stal :)
  13. Starting 2 minutes! :D