[Event] Parkour @5691 | Every Friday | 7PM

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  1. What Is This?
    Parkour! There is Exactly 102 Blocks on the parkour (Not Including The Towers)
    First one to finish the parkour wins! Then he or she can claim their prize simple! Kinda.. Then whoever gets Second place can claim the other chest, then whoever gets Third can claim the leftovers from the other chests!
    Feel Free To Donate! Remember at the end of parkour there are 2 Chests
    Best Minecraft Servers
    I will put my prizes in the chest that says 'Theos Prizes' and you people can donations awesome prizes and Ill put it in the 'People Prize Donations' chest. Sometimes I could even put promos in my chest ^ . ^
    Every Friday |7pm | Emc Time
    At Some Weeks I Wont Be Able To Host Because... Um.. I gotta do stuff in real life.
    Utopia! /v 5691 then click the button that says Event Parkour
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  2. Next Parkour Event Starts In 2Days!
    This Weeks Winners
  3. If it was 1.5 hours later, I could participate :C
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  4. So close
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  5. 2 More Days!!
  6. Hosting A Event Today 7Pm Emc Time, Be There!