[Event] |Parkour| @17379 Every Friday 7pm

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  1. What Type Of Event?

    More Info
    First one to finish the parkour will win something, I will set up a chest and put a preview sign so everyone can see what it would be, the winner would also receive rupees (Dont ask me how much I dont get loans)

    There will be a parkour prize donation set up on my res, if you want to send money for the winner pay 'THEmotionMAST3R' not me also Pm before you pay because I will need to get him on.

    Date and Time
    The Event will be held on Fridays somewhere around 7pm to 8pm (Sometimes I wont be able to make it so someone else shall host it)
    All in EMC time.

    Event Location
    Event location would normally be held @17379

    Hope to see you there!
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  2. If it was 1.5 hours later, I could participate :C
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  3. So close
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  4. Bump :) Doing one this week :)