[EVENT - NOW] EMC Survival Games Stress Testing

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by JackBiggin, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. So some of you might have remember the huge "success" of the last EMC Survival Games I did, probably over a year ago now, where nothing went quite right. WELL IT'S BACK, WITH MORE BUGS THAN EVER (but you never know, it might work, and will be fun). This time it's even got a proper thingy to do stuff, so the poor staff running the event don't have to suffer. Hell, we can even reset maps this time.

    As many of you know... my events are often impromptu. So I invite you to my EMCSG testing, starting in about... NOW!

    Connect to EMCSG.HAMSTER.YT to play!

    This will break. Stuff will go wrong. There are no official prizes for winners, but I might throw some rupees your way if you do win.

    I'm joined with the amazing RainbowChin and B4DMAN5IMON, so hop on now if you feel like playing and helping us test. We need quite a few people, and if all goes well, you can expect quite a few events of it, run by my favourite Simone (and maybe Rainbow).
  2. Joined For A Bit, Deathmatch Started And I Kept Being Teleported Up A Block So Was Kicked For Flying, But It Was Fun!
  3. Still playing if you want another go - that should be fixed. :)
  4. Maybe post when your round is over so I can join.
  5. New round starting in 2-ish minutes. :)