[EVENT] New And Improved BoneChilling Battle

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  1. BoneChilling Battle Event
    Event type: Battle event
    In this event, you will battle extremely strong enemies to win prizes here on EMC!
    The event will be hosted on our server, which was only made for the event.
    The arena is: HEROBRINE'S MANSION!!!
    Here are a few pictures:
    2013-01-21_19.24.26.png 2013-01-21_19.05.36.png 2013-01-21_19.29.55.png 2013-01-21_19.30.12.png

    First Place: 3 Diamonds!!!

    Second Place: 5 Ender pearls!!!

    Third Place: 3 Lapis blocks!!!

    Fourth Place: 10 Redstone dusts!!!

    More Info on the server:

    • There is a PvP arena.
    • You can be put in jail.
    • You can go to the courthouse if you think you are innocent.
    • Prizes will be given after the event on Smp1, 2422.
    • Donations are accepted here, as we are running low on prizes from previous events.
    • Special thanks to Sha449 for coming up wit the name for us!
    • Events will be held every Sunday or if people vote for it to happen at another time.
    • You can choose what you want your name color to be!
    • Admin Challenge!

    How to sign up:

    Your Name:
    Have you ever been banned:
    If so, how long and why:
    What weapon do you want (Uber paper, Flame Blades):
    Will you participate every Sunday:

    There must be a minimum of 5 players to start an event.
  2. aCookieGod
    Not Perm
    Flame Blades
    Yes I would
  3. I edited the post to ask why, but you don't have to answer since you posted before that. You're in the event.
  4. Your Name: What Does it say to the left?
    Have you ever been banned:Yes :(
    If so, how long:24 Hours
    What weapon do you want (Uber paper, Flame Blades): Uber Paper
    Will you participate every Sunday:Not EVERY sunday, but ill try!
    Uber Paper
    I'll strive too :)
  6. It's Sundays. I will include you in the PM and you will be able to join an event on Sunday, but you can play on the server whenever it's up.
  7. Okay, I'll add you in.
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  8. You didnt see anything...
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  9. I made a few changes to the original post.
  10. I'm still in it, right?
  11. The title says "binechilling" btw.
  12. COME ON!!! Can a mod change it to say BoneChill and not BineChill?
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  13. Sure.
  14. generalfelino015
    i never been baned
    not baned
    flame blade
    somtiimes but i will try :p
  15. Okay, I'll include you in the PM. What color do you want your name to be?
  16. Green, TFG will be tere if not i at a runch
  17. redwing2000
    I have never been banned
    (unneccessary slot)
    Flame Blade
    I will try to make it but most likely will if its not before 1:00pm cst
  18. If you want to take me out of the PM that'd be fine. I dont have much time anyway, but i know the ip so ill get on if i can.
  19. I will include you in the PM.
    You can leave if you want. There is a button at the top of the PM.
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