[EVENT] Nathan's 1st year!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by NathanRP, Jan 11, 2015.


Are you going to make it?

YES! 18 vote(s) 36.0%
MAYBE 27 vote(s) 54.0%
NO 5 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Well congratz on 1 year on EMC!
    since my lucky number has been taken (21) I guess 20 will do :p
    Thanks for the DP and giveaway!
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  2. 37 please, thanks for doing this! I will try my best to show up!
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  3. 31 awesome nath :D congrats
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  4. Number 42 please! I'll try and make it to the Drop Party, we'll see :)
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  5. 33 please! Congrats on 1 year! I'll try to make it to the drop party! :)
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  6. Since some people stole mah number... :p
    I'll take 17, thanks!
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  7. 23 please.
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  8. 36? I cant make it sadly :(
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  9. Woo party! Grats on 1 year (almost)!!
    I'll take 11.
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  10. I'll take 45 please, thanks o/
    I'll try to make it to the DP if I can
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  11. 42 is taken, would you like to chose another one?
  12. Oh Don't forget to like the OP for a chance to win 5k!
  13. 40, thanks for the giveaway nate :)
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  14. 29 please, I thought you were older then 1 year :p
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  15. 50 please! Congrats on a year
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  16. My bad, I didn't see number 42 when checking the entrants :p I'll take 8 then please, thanks :) Looks like I should be going to Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park on the day of this party but I should definitely be back in time, though not sure I will stay up until that time after a long day like that but we'll see :rolleyes:
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  17. Wow! 1 year...congrats! 34 please
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  18. Congratz!
    I'll take 48 please :)
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