[EVENT] Naming of the Forgery

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Seanawesome14, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! I've just finished the creation of my new forge! "Only problem?" you ask. I don't have a good name. Well guess what? YOU can decide! All that is needed to enter this "contest" is come to smp1 residence # 1112 and throw a written and signed book into the dropper. Make the title the name and WHATEVER you want inside the book. "Why would I want to do this?" you ask? Well, because you could be the LUCKY winner and receive a half off ANY purchase coupon! Thx for playing and once the name is registered I will have another event! Thx! Contest ends on 7-25-14. You have a short time period to enter. Good luck!
  2. You bumped me!
  3. XD lol. Embrace the pain. EMBRACE IT!
  4. And sweetcutey it looks like you've won! Stop by me res on smp1. #1566 for your coupon!
  5. I officially declare my forgery to be... The Crown Jewel!!!