[EVENT] Name my cat event! smp6

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  1. So im having another name my animal event!

    This time its a cute little cat!
    it needs a name
    how do you take part?
    you got to /v +rr cat
    there you find my that needs a name.

    you take a book and quill and write your suggestion in it. and if you have changed your name, please include it in the book to.
    then you sign the book and put it in the access all hopper that's at the location.

    on Sunday i will pick out my favorite name out of the lot, and announce the winner

    what are you trying to win?

    A God Bow.
    Unbreaking III
    Power V
    Punch II
    Flame II
    Infinity I

    20.000 Rupees

    Now give me some names!!!
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  2. You're giving away one of my flame II bows? Worth 15k? Plus 20k cash? Do I get to enter or are RR staff (slaves) exempted from entering?

    I don't even...
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  3. yes Baradar i am giving away a flame II bow! and 20k

    you can enter, but to win it you have to have the best name ;)
  4. Can you enter many names or just one
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  5. I'll be sure to get my thinking hat on :3
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  6. So cute...
  7. Gonna bump this so everyone has just as good of a chance with this event. So get you thinking cap on and send in a name!
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  8. Winner of the event is

    FebeGigi - With the kitty name Sir Meowkins.

    the cat will from now on be called Sir Meowkins and stay at +rr as our shop pet :D

    thank you all for taking part in this event.

    Lots of love :*
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