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  1. Hey all Redfin7296 here, and I'm happy to notify the wider community of EMC that I am hosting and amazing, spectacular party to commemorate the completion of my Res, 7396!

    This allows me to make according arrangements.

    Although most of this is set in stone I reserve the right to alter details at any time, as with any event things will become clearer further toward the date. *disclaimer*.

    Time/Date: Saturday 21st of March 8pm Emc time.

    The celebrations will begin with a tour of the accomodations in the res. This will be followed up by a number of competetive games for which there will be a number of great prizes (see below). You will be able to choose to compete of spectate in each. Festivities and Speech/awards/acknowledgements will then Follow with a fireworks display to finish!

    Attendance: Space is limited to 20 attendees Register your interest via PM and I'll get back to you if there is room. You will receive 1 emerald block for attending, even if you don't win any competitions.

    Games/Comps (in order of play.)

    Mt. Doom Parkour - Test your speed and be the fastest to complete the course to win! (you will be timed) Also feel free to drop a valuable into the fires of the legendary mountain!

    Archery Comp - Show off you accuracy in this challenge of skill, facing off against others with four targets to aim for... Who will be the best? BYO Bows and arrows, also available for purchase at the range, limited stock.

    LOTR skin comp - Bring your best Lord of the Rings threads for a chance to win a treasure!

    Skymaze - Stretch your abilities in the Skymaze, a suspended maze of glass! The first to the end gets the prize!

    Minefield - Watch your step, the minefield is a dangerous place with only one path that will let you pass to the prize! First to reach the end wins!

    Judging for each competition will be done by myself unless I can find a staff member willing to help out! :D

    Seen in the chest below prizes thus far include:
    1 escd
    1 vault voucher
    2 full sets of chainmail armor
    1 love potion promo
    1 dragonstone fragment
    1 horse 106sp 99j
    2 ghast tears
    1 holiday candle
    1 fortune 3 book
    1 efficiency 5 book
    1 clownfish
    1 golden apple
    16 compasses
    14 clocks
    24 blocks of emerald (there will be much more on the day)
    1 cavespider head
    1 zombiepigman head

    I would greatly appreciate if someone wanted to donate more prizes, if so Pm me for offers.
    If any staff would like to help manage the event alongside myself please let me know asap.

    Thanks for reading, can't wait to see you there!

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  2. reserved for details
  3. bumpity boop
  4. I'll try to go, but we shall see. And Congratz on your new res! Sounds awesome! :D
  5. Buuumparoony, really hope this goes off with a bang, not sure how many people are going atm!
  6. I would love to come, but I'm unavailable at that time. It would be 8 PM for me, the time the kids are trying to get to bed.
  7. its a hobbit hole :D
  8. I am definitely coming! Wait, actually I don't know if I can come. Put me on the list, and I will tell you if I can't come.
  9. I will be there! :)
  10. Oh shoot, sorry if I messed up your plans since I didn't come. I unexpectedly had to go to the mall, and couldn't reply to tell you I was unavailable. So sorry.