[Event] My 400 Days! Yay!!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a very special thread! So, Today is my 400th day on the Empire! So, I wanted to do something special to celebrate it! :)

    So, the event will have many things going on! Here's a list:
    • PvP Arena (smp6)
    • Hide N' Go Seek (smp4)
    • Skin Contest (smp4)
    • Talk to a Mod! (Whatever smp they're on)
    • Wilderness Explore! (smp2, or smp8. Dissuasion made before event)
    Those are all the events happening at the party! Down below is the information about the events! I hope you like it :)

    PvP Arena:
    The Arena on smp6 where people go to PvP! I will have a group, so group is optional, but you don't have to be in it. It'll say "You've been invited to HelloKittyRo's Group, do /join to join in!" And then you're in, but if you want, you can join the group and I'll enable PvP! But, it depends on what the group wants, not me.

    Hide N' Go Seek!
    Hide N' Go Seek is on smp4 at the FireFloor! Yes, We'll be playing on the turf/Res. I'll invite you into a group, and I'll pick a seeker and the rest goes to hide. No cheating of any kind, though. Also, if you're found.. you'll be a seeker/helping the seeker. Total of 3 rounds. Whoever is found first, has to count first.

    Skin Contest:
    So, the Skin Contest is on smp4 with /v +SkinContest. There is a maximum of 9 people aloud to play 1 round. All of you will get a turn, so don't worry. It's a total of 3 rounds + prizes. Money//My Signature is a rare prize.

    Talk to a Mod!
    This will be held on whatever Smp a mod is on, and we'll talk to him/her! Yes, we don't know what Smp they'll be on.. so I'll tell you which Smp to go to so you can talk to the mod! Hopefully, there will be one on..

    Wilderness Explore!
    The Smp this will be on is unknown, but it will either be on smp2, or smp8. Discussion will be made before event. For this, don't bring anything except food + food to share. We're starting out as if we're beginners of Minecraft, with food. Don't bring anything, or you'll be kicked from the group and won't be aloud back.

    The fun all starts at 4:30 (Time had to be changed due to time :p) PM EMC Time/9:00 PM BST! And, just so you know, at the beginning of the event, everyone will be invited to a group, and then we'll start our first event! Hopefully, you'll enjoy everything I set up!

    But, there's one more thing I'm doing.. you wanna know?? Because I'm not going anything else! But, the first 3 people to come will get a special prize at the end of the event! Down below, in the first comment will be the people who come. Thanks everyone. Hopefully, you can make it. This is a big deal for me that I've been on the Empire for 400 days. Someone has already given me a gift, which makes me feel good because somebody knows about my 400 days, so thank you.

  2. First 3 people to be at my party:

    1st: LadyJaye

    2nd: Annabeth_1_chase

    3rd: MisterPiggy4647

    Thanks guys, that means a lot to me!

    1st - 5000r
    2nd - 3000r
    3rd - 1000r

    Thanks everyone for coming, it was awesome! Hopefully, I'll do a 2 years party soon! Let's get to 1000 days everyone :)
  3. 1st, happy 400th!
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  4. Happy 400th :p
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  5. Thank you! :)
    Thanks!! :3
  6. Happy 400th day!
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  7. Thank you!
  8. Happy 400th! :D
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  9. Thanks! :D
  10. Thanks for coming everyone!
  11. Happy 400th!! :D
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  12. thanks!