[Event] My 387 Day!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about a really special event! I know, it's late.. but I found the perfect place!! It's tomorrow :) Down below is all the information t know :)

    Event location:
    smp4, /v 8484.

    5:30 EMC Time (Also, just anther thing you want to know; the event is tomorrow, Saturday).

    Res Owner:
    He said it was ok. Permission given.

    Things will be done:
    • Skin Comp
    • Parkour
    • Drop Party
    • Pool!!!
    • Hide N' Seek
    Those are the games played :)

    Also, for the DP we need donations! Make sure you donate!

    Credits to Res:
    darkness656565 - Building Res and Helping Out
    Builds_with_46 - Res Owner, Helping Out, and Building.

    I hope you come!! It's my 2 years!! Sorry.. it's late :p

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  2. But... You are just over a year old?:confused:
  3. :3
    You're reading an outdated one then..
  4. Alright, then please show me the one that you are reading.:p
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  5. I'm reading 489 days
  6. Picture please

    Edit: That still isn't two years, lol
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  7. You aren't a year old a year is 365 days. /p yourself if you do not believe me you aren't 730 days old to my knowledge.
  8. It says 2 years, and I don't do pictures. I'm just having a party ok :3
  9. Ok. I'm just having one.. I'm close.
  10. B-but... 489 days isn't two years... :oops:

    I really hope you know that 489 isn't close to 730 :p
  11. Yeah a long time ago still to go for your second year.

    I am not sure but if this is the date you joined forums but it isn't even been your first year yet
    but it says you joined August 22nd 2014 :confused:
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  12. People can join the forums when ever they wan not just when they join :p
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  13. Ah ok thanks for clearing it up. I'm just thinking is the date forums or the day you join EMC ;)
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  14. Nice WoT shortcut on your thing on the bottom :p
    OT: kitty, try holding a party just for fun not a 2 year party ;)
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