[EVENT] My 15th Birthday! Party here on EMC!

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  1. Birthday.png My 15th birthday is on the 20th of May, but Im going to celebrate it here on EMC on the 19th so that I can devote the day to celebrating with all the good people here on the Empire. So Here are the details:

    Date: Sunday May 19th, 2013 (coincidentally, the same day that the Cake Display Contest judging takes place) at 1 PM Pacific Time

    • The cake display contest judging
    • Archery contest - This wil be a three round contest with prizes given out once it is over-Prize:3,000 rupees
    • Fireworks celebration
    • Drop party
    • A barbeque

    The LOCATION of the party: 3255 on smp2

    Donations: If you want to bring me items as birthday presents, you can. You do not HAVE to, but you can if you wish to.

    Who can come: Everyone that wants to have fun! I do NOT want people to come to the party if they aren't willing to have fun.
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  2. Sounds like fun. Ill try and make it :)
    PS First!
  3. Sign me up. I'm assuming that the wild outpost will be on vacation when this comes around?
    EDIT: Whoops. The party is on SMP2, not SMP3.
  4. Did you read everything? it says that EVERYONE is invited, if they are willing to have fun
  5. Meh. I was just saying that as a way of stating "I'm coming".
  6. [earlybirthdaymsg]Happy 15th birthday![/earlybirthdaymsg]
  7. im coming!
  8. I am currently setting up the residence for the events.
    More news to come as the party gets closer
  9. Update: The official events have been posted! Please see the original post for details
  10. Its tomarrow! :eek:
  11. shouldnt it be now?