[EVENT] Music, Music, and More Music

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    Hewo Everyone!!

    I am hosting a event off of minecraft! If you love music then this is the right place for you!! You can listen to music and chat, I think u can only chat once u get to lvl 3 not sure but to get there stay for a while and listen to music even go AFK here :p and you will lvl up!

    You do not need a account to listen to music but if you want to be a DJ you have to have a account! ( There is a wait list and when its ur turn it will play a song from your playlist. To make a playlist make an account and search songs to put on a playlist you make! )

    If you dont like the song you can click the "Meh" button and if there are a lot of Meh's I will skip the DJ'er/Song. If you love the song you can click "Woop!" and if you want to add the song to your playlist click the middle button. Plz do not advertise your own communites on mine so people dont switch to it XD its rude, if you do I will kick you and if you come back and do that again I will ban you.

    There is more than that!!! You can customize your avatar and buy new ones when you lvl up and get money. And more... Start listening today to find out even more and have fun :D

    When: Sunday 3, 2016|6:17pm-7:30pm or more :p depends if people even come and if they stay that long
    Who: Anyone!!
    Why: To listen to music and have fun!!
    Game: plug.dj

    Hope You Enjoy!!
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  2. Just a small tip: Announce your event ahead of time so more people see it and attend to it.

    Sadly I can't attend, so have fun :D
  3. I know I always announce ahead but I was away in another state and I was very busy so I never got a chance to put this up and I couldn't have it another day sadly cause this whole month I will be off at a summer program
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  4. -----Cancelled due to no one showing up sorry, I will host this some time in the future------