[EVENT] Moonglum_'s 600th day Race!!! (Promo Prizes)

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  1. Moonglum_'s 600th Day Horse Race!
    Hosted by Salmatic and BlinkyBinky

    We're organizing a race in honor of one of EMC's most esteemed members, Moonglum_! As the title says, it is indeed his 600th day, meaning he is a fully qualified Original Gangsta! Here are the details of the competition (IMPORTANT!! ALL TIME IS EMC TIME, IN ACCORDANCE TO EST. DO /TIME TO SEE):

    The date is 9/18/2015
    The time is 7 pm, EMC/EST time. Do /time to see the EMC time!
    The location is /v +racing on SMP4

    The race will have heats of two people versing each other, then the finals with the fastest, most skilled racers competing for the win!
    The main prizes are as follow:
    1. First Place: Unused Meteor bow, vault voucher, 10 diamonds
    2. Second Place: Used Meteor bow, 5 diamonds
    3. Third Place: 5 diamonds
    Even if you don't want to race, just come and relax with the other EMCers!

    Thank you! And on behalf of SMP4 and hopefully all of emc, I congratulate Moonglum_!

    RSVPing by PMing me is HIGHLY appreciated ;)
  2. ? i d not understand the event is it like toads race is it a horse race or a player race.... but it depends if it is horse count me in if it is like toads then no way i can put time into that
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  3. Come and join us!
  4. what is it
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  6. Horse race lol, added to OP. Bring your own horse, make it a speedy un :D
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  7. 7 more hours till the race! Please RSVP with your horse speed :D
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  8. Of course. Just shoot me and Salmatic a PM stating the intended horse speed.
  9. O_O im going!!!
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