[Event] Miner Mania

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  1. Hosted by: MoreMoople
    Starts at: 10:00PM
    Location: TBD

    We'll be in the waste!

    Who: Anyone and everyone is invited to join. No matter your experience level in-game, you can have fun mining with us!
    What: We will mostly be mining and fighting off the monsters that attack us. It normally runs for about 2 hours but can often go much longer.
    Where: The server location will be released in the event broadcast messages with the exact location being released just prior to the event starting. Our main mines will be in the Overworld! Check the broadcast for more information!
    When: The event start time is listed above. If you can't make this one, check the Calendar for our next Miner Mania

    Why: For FUN!

    Things to remember:
    • You need to bring your own gear (tools, armor, food, etc). We will not supply you. (Though the community does a great job of supporting each other during these events.)
    • Bring extra food to share with other players. It's a nice thing to do!
    • If our trip takes us to the Nether you may want to bring some cobble to build a small shelter.
    • All EMC rules still apply.
  2. I’ll come, why not just got home
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  3. Yess again
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  4. Join me tonight for a classic Miner Mania! See you there :)
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  5. Ooh I’ll try and make it
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  6. Thank you all for coming! Tonight's event was hosted on SMP5 (not SMP4..) at /waste e. :) I hope you had a good time!
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