[Event] Middle Earth Outpost Labor Day

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  1. Hello, all!

    This Friday and Saturday, the SMP5 Middle Earth Outpost is celebrating the end of it's "Labor Week", a week where we sweep through our entire outpost and clear out anything we don't need, and we have a lot of sweet things left!

    We've decided as an outpost to give these items all away to you guys, in five different events. However, there is a twist to it. Everyone here lives in different time zones, and we know everyone can't be on at the same time. Therefore, we've organized events and different times around the clock, and we hope that everyone can attend at least one of these events!

    Anybody can come and participate, including staff if they wish to attend.

    Without further ado, here are the timings of the events. Some events may be called off if we don't have an outpost member able to host it. They will either be moved to a later time or moved to Sunday, our make-up day.

    1 PM-Friday-Czarina_Julie's scavenger hunt- 10934
    2:00 Moved to 1:00 AM-Saturday Drop Party hosted by Crazy_TJ at 10331
    12 PM-Saturday- To be announced
    3 PM-Saturday-Raging_Hedgehogs-Location to be announced
    9 PM-Saturday-To be announced

    We will have a server wide announcement before the event so nobody misses out. On behalf of PetuniaFigTree and the entire outpost, I hope that everyone can join and have a good time!

    Here are some of the countless items that we're giving away:
    Marlix Armor
    Over a hundred thousand rupees
    God armor
    Promotional Items
    Much, much more!

    Finally, if you have any donations to be made, you can drop them off at 11078@dp. If you have any rupee donations, you can pay them to _cTJ_ with an appropriate reason.

    Here are some donors:
    -CallumDAKing- 10,000 plus a bunch of promos

    Thank you all!
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  2. Thank you _cTJ_!
    I will be hosting a scavenger-hunt type of party, where you actually have to look for hidden chests. My plan will be to renew the chests once every hour when I get home from work today (Sweden time) and to continue tomorrow morning until I run out of stuff! Let the fun begin ;)
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  3. The 2 am Friday time already took place. Do you mean 2 am Saturday?
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  4. I knew that. :p
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  5. This scavenger hunt will held on my jungle residence on SMP5. For those wanting to attend you can do:
    /v 10934
    /v +JungleHunt

    The residence will not have any ability to move on it until exactly at 1:00 PM Empire time. If you want to wait or show up early outside the jungle hunt residence go to /v +czarina then head to the Mojo Magic shop, 1st floor and walk across the street to one of the entry ways to the jungle residence.

    As with anything in life there are some basic rules for my hunt:
    • With the exception my announcing the start of the Jungle Hunt, all players on the hunt should be on Residence Chat.../c r Please remember that there are other players on SMP5 that are not attending this event and they shouldn't have to be disturbed by our wonderful hunt.
    • Working as a team to locate all of the chests is allowed. However, please remember to use Residence Chat or Group Chat
    • There is only one prize per chest with some chests containing a "Sorry, no prize here" lump of coal. You can take the lump of coal if you for some memento :) or just leave it.
    • If you discover a rupee prize book, please wait until the hunt is over to redeem the prize. I'll be monitoring the game and will not be able to pay the rupees until after the hunt has finished.
    • There are areas, on the Jungle Residence, that are quite dark...or as one Middle Earth member stated "You mean pitch black." You will not be able to place torches so night vision potions would be a good idea.
    • Have fun and be respectful of others.
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  6. One thing as well. There us a secret maze in the map. I've hidden a promotional item in a chest somewhere in the maze!
  7. This event will go on all day with prizes being replenished throughout the day. We have God weapons and God tools like:
    • Czarina's bow
      • Power V
      • Flame I
      • Punch II
      • Infinity I
      • Unbreaking III
      • Mending
    • SAA Pickaxe
      • Efficiency V
      • Fortune III
      • Unbreaking III
    • SAA-ST Pickaxe
      • Efficiency V
      • Silk Touch I
      • Unbreaking III
    • Gold
    • Iron
    • Grapples/enhanced/God Apples (purple text)
    • full sets of armor
    • emeralds
    • diamonds
    You need to stop by ... look in trees, underwater, 4 mazes
  8. The next event will be hosted by me, at 2:00 in the morning for those who may still be awake then.
    Here is the event information that you need to know:

    -It's a drop-party format- be sure to come with an empty inventory. As the rounds continue, there will be more and more rare things, including promos and rupee voucher books.
    -The drop party will be hosted at 10331 on SMP5. Currently, move flag is turned negative because we are still making the final setup stages. There will be no waiting around for people unless if the party is postponed to a later time.
    -Please only speak in residence chat or a group chat. I will be creating a group for everyone.
    -Please be sure to not try to get into staff-only areas. This will result in a residence ban.
    -Be sure to have fun!

    Here are some of the examples of drops:
    -High speed horses
    -Fully enchanted bows
    -Minerals & Gems
    -Miniboss mob drops
    -Promotional items
    -God tools and weapons
    -Level 3 book enchants (Thank you to PackerFan & God_of_Gods for these!)
    -Cool banners and shields
    -Rare 1.9 things
    -Much, much more!
  9. Notification: _cTJ_'s drop party has been moved one hour earlier. Be sure to attend if you are looking for fun!