[EVENT] Melk's Maze of Madness

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  1. Welcome, Welcome all community of Empire Minecraft. At 6PM Pacific Time, there will be a competition race to finish Melk's Maze of Madness at 2378 on SMP1. There will be one winner, and they will win the following Prizes, Daedric Bow, Hero's Bow, and Fairy's Bow (Unbreaking III, Power V, Punch II, Flame I, Infinity I on all 3 bows), and a Super Dragon Poop! (Prizes may be added)
    Also a special prize if you finish the maze under 45 Minutes, you will receive 20 diamond blocks.
    There will be many people coming to compete, make sure you are mentally prepared for this insanity. This maze is POSSIBLE, but VERY HARD.
    All Donations are accepted and appreciated and will be added to the Prize!

    Quick Overview:

    Starting Time: 6:00 PM Pacific Time *EDIT* FRIDAY
    Where at: Smp1 2378
    Prize: 3 God bows (See names above), Super Dragon Poop.
    Timed Prize under 45 Mins: 20 Diamond Blocks
    Donated Prizes: Dragon Egg (Contact AlexChance Via FORUM PM to collect you're dragon egg once you're announced winner )
    1.5k rupees from the THE_LEGEND4
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  2. I think you should add some traps :p
  3. Some traps??? I think your underestimating this thing.
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  4. huehueheuheuh
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  5. This thing is the devil.
    Pure awful.
    You will cry twice.

    at the least
  6. :] Time to put my awesomeness to the test
  7. This maze is no joke guys, it could take up to 4 hours to complete
  8. Might need more rewards?
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  9. lol this is gonna be good !
  10. hopefully lota people are gonna show up
  11. Just so you all know, I wont actually be there tomorrow, but if you do happen to win the diamonds, I will give them to you next time im on, and im adding 8k to the reward.
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  12. So cool, doesnt even show up for his own event. smh #CoolLevelMelk
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  13. haha, its not like that lol, plus it was South's idea anyway, will you be joining in?
  14. If your too cool for it... Im obviously too cool for it. Jus Sayin'
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  15. ha, I see how it is. Nah, its okay, it might be a bit too hard for you anyways ;)
  16. Your reverse psychology wont work on me milk.
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  17. Bump for others to read In different time zone !
  18. Third times a charm (;
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  19. yeah pretty sure you're a goddess
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  20. This sounds fun but I won't be able to make it. ):