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  1. Welcome to Maze Runner!

    I'm releasing a new event called Maze Runner. Maze Runner is sort of based off the movie(without grievers). You run through a large maze finding chests containing various items.

    Everyone! Everything!
    This is a game for everyone even new players. You don't need much experience with parkour or mob fighting, just need to escape!
    Find this event on smp3. Do /v +wildwest or /v +mazerunner to get there. Then, go thru the nether portal that says Maze Runner.
    This event will be on Wednesdays, 7:30 EMC time.
    F-U-N :D

    Tokens are a unique part of this game. Tokens are found in chests and can be redeemed for items at the end of the round. Even if you don't finish the maze in the top 3, you can still collect tokens and win prizes. Redeem these tokens at the mini-shop next to the instruction board.

    REMEMBER: If you get stuck in the maze, after the round is over, type /res unstuck to get out. Also, if you forget these rules, please look at the instruction board at the Maze Runner lobby.

    If you have a suggestion/addition you would like to see in this event, PM me and we will discuss it.

    Round 1- 1st place gets 500r + donations
    Round 2- 1st place gets 500r + donations
    Round 3- 1st place gets 500r + donations
  2. Next Maze Runner event:
    APRIL 15 2015

    Theme: None

    *Themes are additions to the maze that make it more fun and challenging*
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  4. The book was better. :p