[EVENT] Masterkism's, player's, Birthday drop party!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Masterkism, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. Drop Party!

    It's somebody's birthday. For their birthday they want to see you, and your friends scramble for free stuff, lots of free stuff. So come get free stuff from a 40 year old on his birthday, what could be more fun? ... lots of things, but we're not going to think about those things.

    This Party is scheduled for, Friday September 11th 2015 (for real, that's my birthday) at 4:30pm Pacific, 7:30pm EMC, 11:30pm GMT - running until the droppers are empty.

    The party will be held at an "underground" disco on SMP9 at "/v 19857 disco"

    Noteworthy items, that will be dropping:

    Obsidian Blocks well over 4 stacks
    6 Saddles
    5 Brewing Stands
    10 Ender Chests
    4 Enchanting tables
    10 Nametags
    1 Stack of Diamonds
    3+ Stacks of Emeralds
    7 Taste the Freedom Steaks
    19 Player heads (2 of them Masterkism's) +12 player heads
    1 + Stacks Golden Apples
    8 Enchanted Golden Apples
    1 stack Golden Carrots
    2 Unbreaking III Power IV bows
    2 Unbreaking III Power V bows
    3 Stable vouchers
    1 Cupid Bow
    3 Stacks Cupid Arrows
    2 Beacons
    1 Stack Slime Blocks
    1 "Litter" fished from the smp2 fishing pond
    2 90+ speed horse eggs
    1 Stack Sea Lanterns
    Many Stacks Prismarine
    Several Stacks Prismarine Bricks
    5 Villager eggs
    4 Silktouch I books
    2+ stacks of Bottle O' Enchanting (exp splash potions)
    Horse Armor Iron and Gold
    Brick Blocks
    Shiney Flesh
    1+ stacks Dark Prismarine
    Shiney Arrows

    If you would like to donate items for this drop party, you may do so on SMP9 at "/v 19856 donate"

    Hope to see you all there.
  2. List updated.
    Thank you for the donations.
  3. In addition to the above mentioned items there will be:
    Soul Sand
    Red Sand
    Stone Bricks
    Cracked Stone Bricks
    Slime Balls
    Coal Blocks
    Various Mob Heads (Including Wither Skeleton)
    Several styles of Banner
    Iron Ingots
    Gold Ingots
    Gold Nuggets
    Dead Bushes
    Ice Blocks
    packed Ice Blocks
    Snow Blocks
    Quartz Crystal
    Grass (it's not that kind of party 1 tall plantable grass)
    Clay (bits)
    Clay (blocks)
    Hardened Clay
    Stained Clay
    Oak Logs
    Jungle Logs

    All sorts of stuff, just no dirt ( 1 stack of dirt). You want Dirt, and only dirt, this is not the party for you.

    Loaded into the dropper feed system.
  4. NO! I CAN'T COME! =(
  5. If it makes you feel better I'll only be there for the 1st 20 minutes or so. Real life obligations, Growing up was the worst decision I have ever made.
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  6. Thanks for the answer

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  7. looks awesome!!!!!
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  8. more donations were made last night, list updated.
  9. Definitely gonna be there!
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  10. Another update, Added snow, ice, compressed ice, grass, mycelium, and podzol to the droppers.
    And I have made a liar out of myself, I accidentally added 1 stack of dirt.
  11. Well it's a good thing you added dirt. I wasn't going to show otherwise.
  12. More items added to the list.
  13. May You Please list them?
  14. 1st and 3rd post have the lists
    bottles o enchanting, more emeralds were the last 2 additions
  15. Added Quartz Crystal to the hoppers
  16. Alright. Thanks =)
  17. mer gerd, think you'll have the huge silo filled to the top?
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  18. Gonna try 20 dc, 50+ hoppers, and 4 droppers
  19. New items added, most recent additions are listed in the two lists above in Italics <---< that color
  20. Final item update, the silo is full!
    More player heads, more wither skeleton heads, more brewing stands, more ender chests, more enchanting tables, Quartz blocks, more horses, more diamonds, more emeralds, gold ore.

    that's 20 DC + 40-50 hoppers + 4 droppers = LOTS of stuff dropping!

    September 11th - 7:30pm EMC time - /v masterkism 2 disco, or /v 19857 disco
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