[Event] Living the small life

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  1. This is a build contest with no reward. I just want to see your guys' building skill in tight spaces.
    So I was playing survival and built my normal small starter hut to hide in before I had my house, then I thought, "What is the smallest house one person could build?" So I went to creative and built one.
    As the judge I will NOT be participating, this is just to give you an idea.
    And last, some rules.
    maximum size: 10x10x10 (Underground counts so don't think you can get away with a hole and a trap door for some super awesome huge base)
    must have at least one Single Chest
    One farmland
    One brewing stand
    one bed
    one door/trapdoor
    one enchanting table
    built on EMC server in survival
    must keep monsters out (except for creepers)
    post a reliable picture of it.
    Post the status of your house so I can tally up your points
    Be honest
    +1 point for for difference in max block length and house block length
    (the sand with the house in the pic was supposed to have sugarcane so it would make my house 6 blocks high, since 6 is the longest length {6x3x3} then I'd do 10-6=4. This would gain me 4 points.)
    +1 point for each extra chest THAT YOU CAN OPEN(this had 6 chests so that would be 5 points)
    +1 for each extra farmland (I get 2 points for this)
    +1 for every 10 levels of enchanting available (I get 0 point for this, you can earn up to 3)
    Subtracting pts:
    -2 points if a monster other than a creeper can attack (I lost 2 points since a spider can attack)
    -1 point if there isn't a chest
    -1 point if there isn't a farmland
    -1 point if there isn't a brewing stand
    -1 point if there isn't an enchanting table
    -1 point if there isn't a bed
    disqualified for exceeding the build limit, this is a small build, not a big one.
    I tally up to 12 points, of course I'm not participating as I'm the judge, but do you think you can do better?

    The event starts on 4/16/2016 and ends on 4/22/2016, I will be checking the thread and putting in the message: Contest over, then, after tallying up all the points, I will announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If you wish for me to PM you your score and total status just say so in your submission.
  2. I'm posting for my friend, opticpanda11.

    I should mention I only count the house proportions and requirements, not d├ęcor.
    17 chests
    5 farmland
    30 max ench. lvl.
    no monsters can attack
  3. I'm not entering but I thought I could have a try at it and I got like 996 points, Probably could do better.