[Event] Let's Build a Village

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  1. What: Something Fishy Pride Edition "Survival"
    When: Friday June 24th @ 8:30pm EMC time
    Where: smp8 /wild sw

    Bring survival gear, fishing poles, and lots of color to build our little village. It's gonna be a blast whether you'll be building, fighting mobs, visiting, or just plain fishing.. come join us for some community and fun.
    I can't wait to see you there. =D

    Oh yea, one more thing.. This little village is the beginning of a permanent place we can come back to.
    So looking forward to building a village and hanging out with the community.

    I'll likely be in the emc discord so come join us there. Get to know your emc neighbor a bit and have some fun with our wonderful online community. ->> discord.emc.gs

    *A Big Huge Thank You! to MoreMoople for making that sweet banner for me. <3
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  2. Wait!
    The time changed!?
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  3. Something is very fishy now lol
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  4. Oh my!
    See You all there! ;)
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  5. Ohhh I can't wait to be there! :D I have tonnnnnnssssssssssss of wool
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  6. So a new wild base for fishing.. large island somewhere out in the millions.. I’m so close I can see it now.
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  7. A "permanent community we can come back to" two days before the reset, huh?
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  8. We can scan it and rebuild it after the reset, maybe ;)
  9. How long is this running tonight? I've gotta do the auction event before I can come out XD

    I just realized today is Friday not Saturday. NVM XD XD
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  10. Rumour has it that there's a world called the "Frontier". I wouldn't know, though, I've never been.
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  11. Are Something Fishy not usually waste events?

    My poking didn't translate well. My apologies. I'd be legitimately interested in doing this event in the frontier except that we'd be mining. Maybe push it back a couple days? It would be a shame for it to disappear like that.
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  12. Thank You to everyone who came out for the Let's Get Fishy Pride Edition. It was so much fun spending time with y'all and chatting in discord. Maybe we can do this again sometime. =D <3
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