[EVENT] Krysyy's Firefloor!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. When: 6:00 pm EMC time
    Where: Games Server
    How to play: firefloor.emc.gs
    There will be 3 rounds.

    We WILL be using new designs from the submissions thread!!!

    Join us in Discord!
    Don't forget: You can now submit a firefloor design of your own at https://emc.gs/firefloordesigns

  2. Ooo, my favorite event! :)

    I can't make it to this one, but have fun everyone :D
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  3. oh cool, il be able to come at the start but not sure i can come to all 3 rounds or not :rolleyes:
  4. aaa i won't make it :(:(
  5. Good luck y'all! EMC is really going strong this summer!
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  6. Yes!!! My wishes have came true! Time to fire up my competitive self ;)
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  7. i actually might make it .o.
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  8. Thanks for hosting, Krysyy! Always love me a round or two of FireFloor@
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  9. Changing time to 6! Forgot to post to site, lol
  10. XD no worries
  11. Ah! A Krysyy FF and ima gonna miss it. too bad.

    Off to burn up the floor irl tonight.
  12. Cant make it tonight have fun all!
  13. Well darn, now I actually have to start getting up before 3
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  14. By the way thanks to everyone who made it out and was patient when I lost power for a bit, lol
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  15. It was an honor to do firefloor again :)
  16. Yay! Missed it yesterday but I'm glad it's back! :D Will definitely get a lot more activity on the weekdays :)
  17. Yassss Sumer firefloor! I’ll try to make it every Thursday
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  18. Have fun everybody, I'm at work won't be able to attend.
  19. I hope Socks won't break anything tonight... We will have to keep a tight sock leash for this occasion. :p