[EVENT] Krysyyjane9191/Ignoramoose 1 year party

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  1. COME ONE, COME ALL TO 4197!!!
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    At 8pm central time, krysyyjane9191, ignoramoose and I will be hosting a party for the couple's 1 year on emc! We'll be doing a ton of random things, as with any party I have a say in.

    Some things will include...

    Parkour- I've made a ridiculously difficult one over the main party room. Winners will receive some prizes, of which I do not know yet.

    Trivia- Wont be able to cheat with Google. =P

    Scavenger hunt- All kinds of items hidden throughout Blue Ribbon Hotel!

    It'll be at 8pm central on smp2, res 4197. SMP2

    Here are the following times for you other people that I know times for.

    9pm eastern.
    8pm central.
    7pm mountain.
    6pm western.

    Ignoramoose may also throw some random items

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  2. Res #? Lol.
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  3. You didn't see anything...
    Thanks for correcting yet another mistake I knew I would make :)
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  4. Ok, server # then? Lol again :p.
  5. So is that in just over an hour?
  6. Indeed, about an hour and 1 minute now
  7. Sounds fun I will be there. :)
  8. So you completely overhauled the whole post :p.
  9. Nope, I did =)
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  10. Uh yeah... that was me...
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  11. For sure :).
  12. It's time for rhino to do some running on the parkour.....
  13. Yay! Party! Thanks Kev! Happy 1 year anniversary krysyyjane9191 and ignoramoose!
  14. happy 1 year! ill be sure to be there!
  15. sounds like fun!
  16. I'm sad I can't be there, but happy 1 year anniversary, Krysyy and Ignora!
  17. Now
  18. Something I can make! =D