[EVENT] kopakaXR's 1000th Day Surprise Drop Party

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  1. My friend kopakaXR is having their 1000th day Drop Party at 14733, smp7, on the 23 of December, 9pm EMC time. Now, kopakaXR has no clue this is happening. Kosterhaus and I have been planning this, and we don't want ANYONE telling them about this, because it is a big surprise. We really need donations, such as diamonds, gold, iron, and other cool stuff. There will be a ton of cool stuff, so we hope you can make it!

    Res # 14733, smp7

    KopakaXR's 1000th Day Surprise Drop Party

    The 23rd of December
    9PM EMC time

    Make sure not to tell KopakaXR!!
  2. Smp7 represent!
    Aww, this is really nice. I'll be glad to donate some gold blocks. :) Is there a donation chest somewhere?
    Might be able to attend the DP as well.
  3. Yes, the donation chest is at 14733, and there is also a gift chest, for kopaka.
  4. Awesome. I'll be sure to donate early tomorrow.
  5. I put a gold block for the gift hopper, but the donations for the DP hopper seems to be full.