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  1. Hey Everybody

    Today I will be Hosting a Event with loads of events inside.

    Such as:

    Last Question.

    For the Quiz It will be a few questions about the empire and staff. When its been 1 minute until doors open i will close it until someone reaches the first block on the parkour then break it so people have to catch up for the race.

    Parkour, The Parkour Is really Easy but if you fall you will have to start the quiz again, it is glass and glass plain on the parkour so good luck.

    Maze, The Maze is hard, it has invisible walls so be earful where you walk you may never be able to get out ;)

    Last Question, The last question is simple if you say who it is you win.

    The Prizes are:

    Ore Buster
    1 "not special dirt"

    Time it is happening

    EST: 18:00
    CEN: 17:00
    UK: 23:00

    Need any other time it will be added to this post Hope you guys can make it

    Where the res?

    The Res Is 18222 Smp9
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  2. Happens in 40 minutes
  3. Happens in 15 minutes