[Event] KJHaddrell01's Furnacing Spleef

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  1. Hey Emciers

    I have made some events such as Firefloor:

    Anyway this event is My Favourite Event My Furnacing Spleef Event:

    What is it About? Well it is where you are on the Netherrack Level and loads of other people will be on it. When +Destroy Flag Is on everyone will be able to Knock Down people by destroying the Netherrack. When your knock out you will be landed on Cobble (2nd layer). You will be Fighing until you hit Dirt (3rd layer). If after you hit Bedrock you will be eliminated from Spleef but if you are the Last one on the layers please stay still as you will get prises for winning.

    1)No Corner Camping
    2)No Knocking me down if for reasons
    3)No Complaining about the Prices for supplies

    What time?
    17:00 CST (Central)
    18:00 EST (Eastern)
    23:00 BST (British Summer)



    /v +KJHEventSpleef
    /v 18145
    /v KJHaddrell01 2

    This Event is Hosted Every Friday Enjoy! Any Questions I will answer Below
  2. Bump Event Starts in 3 hours and 17 minutes
  3. Bump 3rd Spleef Starts in 1 Hour and 15 Minutes Please Bring your Tools but i supply Tool But please may you supply your Head for me to put on the Wall.

    Update* Win 10k for netherrack + Signed Book ( Get signed books for every Level)
    Win 7.5k for Cobble Floor
    Win 5k for Dirt Floor

    Hope you guys Make it :)