[Event] Kick Out the Jam's Drop Party

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  1. Event Type
    Drop Party

    Event Description
    I've been playing on this server for over 3 years now and I've never done a drop party. I wanted to give a tribute to Empire Minecraft and how much fun it's been to play on here by giving away a bunch of stuff.

    There will be player heads, promos, and fun building blocks included. I'm basically taking everything I own and funneling it into these chests.

    Event Date/Time

    Aug 29th at 12:00 PM EMC Time
    (let me know in comments if you have a recommendation)

    Event Location

    Res 16488 on SMP8
    (move is turned off while I'm finishing the setup)

    Donations Welcome
    I will be dropping all of my own items, but donations are welcome if you so choose so we have even more to drop.

    If you want to donate any items to be dropped, you can do so on 16489 on smp8. If you have large quantities then send me a private message so we can arrange this.

    Huge thanks to georgeashington for helping design the res.
    Thanks to PhoenixAffinity for donating a high-speed horse egg!
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  2. [UPDATES]

    Some of the things I can mention will be dropped:
    1) At least two DCs of unique player heads
    2) At least a DC of each of the ocean monument items
    3) At least 2 DCs of glowstone
    4) At least a DC of promos
    5) At least a DC of Saddles
    6) NO DIRT!

    will post more once I get through moving items


    7) At least a DC of horses
    8) At least a DC of various spawn eggs
    9) Shiny mob drops -- shiny flesh, arrows
    10) A bunch (but not quite a DC) of XP bottles
    11) Horse armor


    12) a bunch of promos including a Ham Hacker, Turkey Slicer, and Freedom Sword (among others)
    13) Tons of potions
    14) Gold Swords from Pigmentus
    15) a ton more
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  3. DPs are fun :) Thanks for hosting one. I will look and see if there is anything I can give ya.
  4. thanks, I think donations will be a nice bonus for this. Even though I have a bunch of stuff to drop, it starts to look thinner than I originally thought when you divide it up among all these chests and hoppers lol

    so far I have roughly about 20 DCs moved and still have more to go
  5. Instead of working today (which is what I should be doing) I have been moving items. So far I have 35 DCs of items loaded up and I still have more to move.
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  6. I've set a date/time in the original post. Hopefully enough folks can make it.
  7. I've decided to add prizes. There are some specially named wkramer79 heads that will be dropped and everyone who gets one will get 15,000 rupees. You also get to keep the head.

    I've also added some other renamed items that are cute and can be displayed on your res, if you so choose.

    This has been fun to setup so far so hopefully players enjoy it!
  8. Just a friendly reminder that this is going down this Saturday!
  9. Sorry but kind of new at this; What is a DC, and how does one go to 16489? I have the server moves figured out.

  10. DC = double chest
    You can move between reses by using "/v 16489" and in this case you may need to use "/smp8" and then "/v 16489"
  11. so you say its 12:00pm do you mean noon or midnight emc time?
  12. 12:00PM = Noon
    12:00AM = Midnight

    ...and this is EMC time.
  13. ok I always get confused
  14. Just a reminder that this is happening today. Do /time when on a server to determine EMC time, it's happening at noon.
  15. I will be at a football game, sorry
  16. Promos have been added to the chests to give away
  17. Couple of notes:

    1) Firework flag is turned off to cut down on lag/spam
    2) Item Drop flag is turned off, if you have items you don't want I have placed chests that you can put the items in to share with folks who do want them
    3) There is one "Bird Jesus" spawn egg and if you find that, you get 100,000 rupees
    4) There are a bunch of "wkramer79 drop party head"'s and those are worth 15,000 rupees
    5) Piggers is the official mascot of this party
    6) Please use "/chat r" when on the res so not to spam town chat
  18. 10 minutes til drop party starts!
  19. Thanks for this, I'll definitely be joining in :D
  20. We're wrapping up this drop party now and I learned some lessons:

    1) double check that you used droppers, not dispensers
    2) double check your redstone setup before you start

    I haven't seen someone setup access chests to put unwanted items in and turn off the item:drop flag at a DP before... this produced some funny results. For example: at least twice someone put a promo in the chest thinking it was garbage like the ICC Flesh (thinking it was uncooked steak) and a Holiday Candle promo (thinking it was a torch).

    This was definitely fun. I'm going to do this again in the future once I gather enough items to make it worthwhile again.

    If anyone wants to use this awesomely designed res for their drop party that kaptrix did, just PM me and you can have the necessary flags to do it.
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