[EVENT] It's Party Time on The_Dark Side!

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  1. Event Type: Party.

    Event Description: There are a couple of things this party is for, so bear with me.
    In order to unveil my new store and my new monument, I will be throwing a random party in order to celebrate these new builds!
    It's also a party to celebrate everyone who is going off to college this next semester, starting school again, maybe a new job (anything really, just a celebration to end the summer with a bang). I want to throw a party to celebrate us as a community growing together and going to new places!! EMC has really made my life wonderful and has made my Minecraft experience a wonderful one! This party is a type of "Thank you" to everyone :)

    My plan is to have a small giveaway at the start of the party. I will be crafting many different and interesting items to go with my theme (which will be announced the day of the party, but if you come to my res, you'll know the theme (; [Please don't give away the theme to those who don't know about it yet]).
    Next, I will have a couple of small contests, also something that will be announced the day of the party. (; Surprises are just wonderful, I know.
    Lastly, a trivia challenge, with prizes! ~ This trivia game will contain questions pertaining to the party's theme!

    Event Date and Time: Unless a tragedy occurs, this event will be held on August 8th, 2015, at 3:00 PM EMC time (I live in the Central Time Zone, so for some clarification, it will be at 2:00 PM CST).

    Event Location: This party will be held at my res, 3663, on smp2.

    Prizes: Like I said before, there will be a giveaway at the beginning of the party, and then contests and a trivia challenge with prizes for the winners, but these items are a surprise. All I will say right now is that they are theme centered (;

    Donations: I don't really require donations, but if you would like to donate (rupees or items), you may. Items that are in my interests for this party are cake and pumpkin pie! I may also require some diamonds as well for some of those special prizes (;

    Thank you all! See you on The_Dark Side! ;D
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  2. Hey everyone. So a lot of bad just happened. My car is messed up (lots of money) and just bad in general. I can't be online at 2 or even later today probably.. ):
    I will post a new party date and time when I can. I am so sorry about this.
    I put signs up at my res. and there's a box with some prizes in it. please. one cake per person and first come gets one of each item. thank you.
    But at least you all can enjoy the new R2D2 :) its the one thing keeping me happy at this moment.
    See you on the Dark Side.