[Event] Horsekart

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  1. Horsekart is a horse race with powerups and obstacles. It features a firework start, mario decorations, and tiny stables! Depending on the amount of players, I will decide how many rounds there are. Each round is 3 laps around the course. Horsekart can be a tournament style event or an elimination style. This also depends on the amount of competitors in the race.

    The actual race is in the frontier so we leave my res (/v 6675) at 6:20 EMC time on smp3. This event will occur every Wednesday. Spectators are allowed. Prize donations are accepted. However, the first place winner will receive 500r!


    1. No Promos allowed (Dancer, Rudolph, etc.)
    2. No 130 and above speed horses
    3. Only one horse per competitor (make sure you get a horse that has a good jump and speed.