[EVENT: HORSE RACE] smp1, /v 212. start: in 30 min.

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Will you come?

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  1. Hello EMC Community,

    After you all saw the awesome 1.6 update ( thanks to Aikar ) with the new horses and stables, I created a horse race cours at smp1, 212! It is a whole res! pictures below!

    So I want to open the new corses with a race and 1k prize, you can winn!

    What do I need?
    Just a horse ( please NO EMC promo horse )

    When will it start?
    I hope that we find in the next half hour like 5 or more player, so in 30 mins. except, we have less than 5 players!

    How mutch will it me cost?
    Nothing! You can enter for free!

    How Do I get my horse there?
    Every player has a free stable. Just sit on your horse, type /stable store and your horse is in your stablt, it's like the vault, but for free in town. Now go to my res and type /stable summon 1 and you sit on your horse. You cann't loose it there, because when you go off it, it will automatic be in your stable again

    Hope to see you there,

    P.S. pictures:

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  2. yes I do, but then you still need to breed and tame it to ride. and you will need a saddle :)
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  3. Nice track! I'm also starting a similar project! But bigger (= I'll be sure to come race at your track sometime soon.
  4. There weren't as mutch player as I expected ( 2 at all :( ) But it was also fun. Here a short video :)

    I also added a [access] sign, so you can now race without me ;)
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