[EVENT] - Horse Race - Grand Prix du Cookie -

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  1. Has been done. Thanks all! Some screen shots below..

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  2. Looks cool. I would participate, but it's at 3:00 am for me. Are you accepting donations to the prize pool?
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  3. Yeah sure. If you offer a donation , be my guest. Still looking for something to use as trophies or any rupees are welcome.
    Wouldn't ask for it, but kind offers I wont refuse :)

    See you there!
  4. is it tomorrow?
  5. You don't say 14h PM, you either say 14h00 or 2:00 PM.
  6. True, true. Sorry! :oops:
  7. It's on the 9th so next sunday
  8. 8th sorry
  9. Wait I'm not sure we do r dates a different way round in england
  10. GG everyone, and it was today August 3. i went today and found them preparing to race. i thought it was next sunday but i went today to see if they were racing and they were.
  11. GG all and thanks for joining!

    The first one was just a few people. Forgot to take some screenshots as I was still a bit sleepy.
    Potato2000 won it. Congrats!
    Second race was really great and more people showed up. Pretty tight race as well. GG!

    Here are some screenshots.

    And the big winners of the 2th race:

    #1th place winner LadyJaya

    #2th place winner sam3984

    #3th place winner StarRock13

  12. nice screen shots, thank you for this event :D