Event Horizion, The four Era's Of SSRC

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  1. This is my story.
    After along reflection I believed it was finally time to tell my story. This is a story about my time on Empire minecraft yet it is not about just me. For through my time one EMC I have seen much and have watched this server grow.

    (I intend to post this in segements, all events involved are truth from my point of view and knowledge, names will be changed to protect those involved who aren't depicted in the best light)

    My story begins 1233 days ago at about 2am.

    I walked onto SMP2 at the age of 14. Minecraft was fairly new in a sense. My first res was 4298 in the south east corner of SMP2. When I joined, I was completly lost. I had never played a multiplayer server before and this was a first for me. I started building this really, ugly basic shack. Just picture a roman villa made of dirt, but less fancy.

    Now withen in my first week of joining I was struggling. I didn't know how to do anything. Everything began to turn when somebody, out of nowhere came to help me. Mark built me a stone gen and I though this was the best creation ever. I never knew you could make unlimited stone. So I became very focused on stone and I built my first real house, My mansion.

    I will slowly continue this as it is a long story.
  2. I'm guessing you're about 17 ~ 18 now?
  3. Yea 17
  4. I remember that mansion
  5. Are we talking about the 1-block stone generator? Because while great...they are really tedious to mine.