[EVENT] Holiday DP

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  1. The Holidays are coming up! Therefore, me and LoneStarLady have gone out to the wild, and (after lots and lots of dying:p) gotten multiple items like toothpicks and helmets!! We will be having a drop party and firefloor, with donations set up at LoneStarLady's res, 5909 on utopia, and res 2949 on smp1.
    Date: December 10th
    Time: 4 PM EMC time
    At: 5909 on utopia
    Hope to see you there!
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  2. i'll be there :p
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  3. Can't wait for it :p
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  4. Was this the old drop party earlier in November? Just wondering ;)
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  5. Since we both couldn't make it to the original DP in November, this is making up for it:D
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  6. cool :)
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  7. I can probably make this.
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  8. I think I can make this :D
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  9. Will most likely be there
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  10. rip I missed it :(

    12am was today :(
  11. If you died so many times, I'd think it a waste if I didnt show :p
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  12. Preety sure 12am is noon(so in 2 hours) not sure thou
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  13. I should be there hopefully
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  14. That's 12pm, 12am is the start of a new day(midnight).
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  15. Are alts allowed?
  16. so this was at midnight?
  17. ah apparently 12am is in the middle of the night... sooo missed it we were all waiting then someone was like that happened 10 hours ago. so ya missed it better luck next year. Hope it went well.
  18. ye. Midnight EMC time
  19. Well then i cannot make it, have fun guys! :)
  20. It already happened :p