[Event] HKRo's Droppin' Drop Party!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I have a very special thread! I'm going to host my very own drop party :)

    They'll be games and prizes; only 3 people will win. It's luck/chance, I pick you.. and you'll just have to be lucky!! So, down below is all the information about the DP. Also, just so you know, I'm posting this thread a day early. Why? Because, I feel like it!

    Drop Party Information:

    Event Disruption:
    I know, it's late. My 400nth day was yesterday. But, this took me a day to build so.. yeah!! But, this is for my 400nth day on the Empire!

    Event Date/Time:
    Day: Sunday, August 30rth, 2015.
    Time: 4:00 PM EMC Time

    Event Location:
    smp5, /v +DropParty!

    Before it starts, we'd like donations! You can either mail it, or put it in the donation box tomorrow.

    BlinkyBinky - Builder Helper/Supplies + much more!
    EMC - Making my 400nth Day Come true!

    The first comment is the people who get the prizes, and there names. Only 3 people will get it. Congrats if you get it!! :3

  2. People who won!:

    1st -
    2nd -
    3rd -

    Congrats if you won! Here are your prizes!:

    1st: 3k + 3 Shiny Flesh
    2nd: 1k + 1 Shiny Flesh
    3rd: 500r and 1 Diamond!

    People who participated!: (Thanks if you did!)
  3. Reserved Message! :p
  4. wait so if i comment i win?
  5. ya i don't get it
    just with this i win something? :p
  6. I'll donate some items
  7. No, I pick someone completely random. If you want to win, you have to have these qualities:
    • Supportive
    • Nice
    • Helpful
    But, it's completely random. I pick someone random.
    Please look at AsternFlyer624's response from me, if you want your answer.
    Great! Right now, you'll have to mail it to me. Donation Box = not made yet.
  8. oooh i get it now :p thanks for the clarification :)
    i'll check if i have anything worth mailing for your dp :p
  9. Are you using random.org this time, or are you going to 'randomly' choose someone again?
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  10. So there is no drop party?
    You choose 3 people and they get everything?

    I am very confused.
    Please halp.
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