[Event] Heavenly Advendture Maze

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  1. Hello from the Zolara communtiy

    The Heavenly Advendture Maze is complete! If you all remember, it is our addition to the Lost Forest Maze.

    The event will take place August 2st, (Friday) at 8:00pm EST

    The prize for this event will be a diamond sword re-named "Sword of Dawn" among other prizes =============================================================================== Event Details:

    - Mega maze covering 4 "possibly more" residence's on SMP9
    - Hedge mazes made from "clouds" (white wool)
    - Trap rooms and Teleports
    -Parkour Event "will contain a lesser prize at mid point and a grand prize at the top"
    - Completely covered maze to help prevent block gliching and or ender pearling. Any one caught will be banned from all the Zolara community residence's and reported
    -And many more Prizes
    - Event will be either bi-weekly or monthly depending on the Zolara community hours


    Prizes are as follows

    For each of the following events
    Main Prize!
    1x Diamond sword enchanted and renamed [ Sword of Dawn ]
    1x Diamond Pickaxe enchanted to a higher quality
    1x Full set of Leather gear [dyed 1 of 3 color sets white, gold and blue each week and renamed to an according heavenly gear set name]
    1x Random prize at our disclosure as "a fun item"

    The Main prize must be claimed during the time of the event by the 1st Person to reach the end!

    Side Prize's:

    Each event has 5 books well hidden in the maze at random spots each event, they are written by us and must be returned to us to claim the prize. [ Warning if you vault this item it well become blank and null and void, and we refuse to accept any books that are blank on the terms of "But I put it in he vault" as you have been warned.]

    Please note: One of these might also be hidden in parkour so it will be required to obtain it.

    These are allowed to be turned in any time in between events, but not after that event period, as I have time stamped them.


    The Parkour Event:
    A tower of shifting blocks, and no mercy. In this event, there are no checkpoints, and only one prize at the end. (The hidden book may also be here, but it is only a side item.)

    If you can make it to the top a Nice gift might just be waiting for you there

    Again this item is replaced at the start of each event just like the other and is allowed to be claimed once during each event period


    If you do not happen to find a prize there is always the next event. Me or my team are not responsible for any loss of life, time and or sanity during your time in the Heavenly Maze Adventure. If you find yourself addicted to our mazes, again, sorry we're just that epic. We have spent many hours forming this maze and do not intend on making it any easier, in fact we intend on making it harder in the near feature. If you find your self lost and sitting in a corner rocking back and forth once again I am sorry (secretly I'll be LOLING at you from behind my screen). Me and my team always offer the chance to teleport back to the start for you to get lost again and sometimes you wont have a choice lol!

    If you found a prize and fail to claim it in the allocated time, sorry but you have been given fair warning.

    If you do not compete farily in the maze from start to finish you will be banned from the maze and any Zolara community properties for life [This includes and is not limited to possibilities listed as follows: Ender pearling, block glitching, and or logging out in a certain area of the maze]

    If you get mad at the fact that the layout of the maze will be changing from event to event from [Yes the Parkours also] tough don't come to our events I'm sure someone is willing to take free stuff off our hands for a little time spent in something we have dove head first into creating and are constantly expanding upon!

    Again I am in no way responsible for any thing out of the normal you may encounter in this event.
  2. bump, Also a side note if you loved the Lost Forest Maze or loved to hate it well, this maze well send you off the deep end ! even i hate doing it lol
  3. Yay!, more mazes which I will possibly (probably) rage quit in! :(
  4. Amazing, Deathtomb! I'll try and make the event. :)
  5. I will come like always! Just like the Lost Forest Maze xD! Oh, and what is this "Zolara Community"? I thought it was just a city.
  6. the " zolara communtiy " is a group of me and my friends that get together to bring you all this awesome stuff!
  7. Ill try and make it, hopefully it wont lag too much :l
  8. ill be there
  9. So this is August first?
  10. 9 hours till we lunch the maze ! be there
  11. Attention: maze need to put off untill Friday night i had some family stuff come up and unable to make it so new time Friday 8pm EST
  12. Aaah man! I had some time aside for it too :(
  13. Goes Live for the 1st time in 40 mins
  14. when is the second time? I need to go out in like 5 mins so I cant come...