[EVENT] Hang out at 2524!

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  1. Recently, I have realized that i do not know most of the people in EMC anymore. I believe that as a server/multiple server's it would be pretty cool to get to know eachother! I have also read about people being lonely, left out. This is telling me that I, for one, am not welcoming everyone on the server as one should. So, all day tomorrow, you can hang out at 2524 on SMP1! Why i say all day is 1) Because the different time zones
    2) I will not be on all day.
    But, at 6 pm EST I plan to have the "main event" where i can get as much people there as possible!
    So, EMC, there is no reason to feel left out! We all love you here, and to prove it im opening my res all day tomorrow for people to hang around!

    PS Being the attempted business person I am, if youd like to advertise or write a special message to the other players, i will have a simple "donation" charge of 100r! Pretty cheap. Just message me what you want to advertise ect. Anyways, starting at 12 am EST the res will be open to any and all players to hang around!

    1. Follow the EMC guide as one should
    2. Keep the chat on /chat local or /chat residence
    3. any rudeness or reports of rudeness will be a perm ban from the res
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  2. So sweet :)
    I'll be there
    EDIT: first! :D
  3. Sure man, i'll be there - and i'll most likely buy like 10 ads :3
  4. You are welcome anytime :D
  5. Anytime man, glad to have you there!
  6. Btw, i want as many people there as possible!