[EVENT] Halloween Skin Contest

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  1. Hello My Fellow EMC-ers! It seems you have wandered over to this page... But luckily, you could have a chance at taking part in a....

    Spooky Halloween Skin contest!

    So basically, the title says it all. This is my very own Halloween skin contest! The concept is to make a spooky skin using your own skin. So say i had my ordinary, non spookified skin. Queue Skin!

    So that is what you would do! And you may be thinking, Whats in it for me? Well do not fret because i have a selection of prizes!


    1st place:
    Cupid's Bow
    64 (stack) Diamonds

    2nd place:
    5 stacks Redstone Ore
    5 Cooked Turkey (thanks givings)

    3rd place:
    2 stacks of Bottles O' Enchantment
    5 haunted Candy's

    Now you know what the prizes are, you may be thinking... These prizes aren't too great! so why bother? Well if you would like to help with getting the prizes to be worth while, then you can donate! there will be a hopper and chest on my 2nd res so that you can donate items towards this contest!

    Donations (this will be updated when a dontation is made):

    Donations will be shown here!

    Now lets get to one of the important parts... The rules... No skin contest or any contest, can run without having some form of rules. Dont worry though! their not long!

    Up to 3 skin submissions per person, No alts aloud!

    The skin must include your normal minecraft skin's face

    You must be the one to make the skin, no-one else.

    When you make it, either send me a download or a link.

    Pictures are aloud but it would be best if i could try on the skin.

    Have fun! You cant make a good skin without enjoying it!

    Good Luck!

  2. Awesome! I'll start now!


    (Sorry, one picture is bigger then the other because there was a problem when it loaded.)
  3. BUMP!

    ooo pretty cool!
  4. So you want us to use our skin and edit it Halloween themed so you can try it on? Are you going to be using the skin or just looking? Just making sure I understand correctly.
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  5. thanks! I did it myself :D
  6. ill be trying it on/ looking. Not using (unless its cake related :3)
  7. Just because your mangle PinkCaker, doesn't mean that I can't win as myself hehe
    I've truly made this skin and it has been mine
  8. Another Fnaf fan i see... Anyways! Fabulous Skin Foxy! (some of you might be wondering why my text is orange. Well, its because i accidentally dumped orange juice instead of pink lemonade on to my computer... woops!)
  9. BUMP! Donations Would be amazing!
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  10. BUMP! Still Time To Enter For This Free Money!
  11. This ends at 11:59pm EMC Time. So you can still get your submissions in! At the moment we only have 2 submissions... Happy Halloween! :D