[EVENT] Halloween costume party and Skin Comp!!!

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  1. Halloween in here! Time for another event!!! This one with costumes supplied by Kate_Krafter and Me! Only 100 rupees per costume! We have zombie virus for sale for drinks and a DJ (not PenguinDj...me!) And we also have a skin comp for a few categories!

    Best costume
    Best skin
    Best skin matching with costume
    Best Face

    The prize box will be full of vault vouchers, dragon frags, mob drops, and a Halloween horror book specially made by me! Should be a good one! The grand prize will be a marlix bow for a spooky scary scavenger hunt! Will be finding 20 items all around my residence, and if you find them all, come to me, and I will give you the marlix bow if it checks out! Details on scavenger hunt to be revealed later.

    The event will be on Halloween at 7:30 PM, everyone MUST wear their promo heads, if it ever happens :p

    I hope to have some real fun with this! This is only an experiment, as I will host a party every major holiday. Also even though if you don't do Halloween, at least come for the fun! Thank you guys, love you all, buh bye!

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  2. :eek: Meh Scavenger hunt may not be done, I could say (to my event goers) to go to your event when it's over so we both get more peeps to come =P
  3. Maybe we could team up together? :p
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  4. Sure! I have an event res, or we could do it all of 18017 because it's able to be 2 story if needed..!
  5. Hmm, well I already had THIS event scheduled, so...what should I do lol
  6. Umm .-. PM staff?
  7. I'll give it 5 days or so :p
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