[ EVENT ] Griefing Party! (Donations)

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  1. Hello EMC, I'm going to be hosting a griefing party soon, and this thread is just for donations, and here is what I need(I'm asking for items primarily because I don't have a lot of rupees, or special blocks to put into the griefing party):
    Mineral blocks
    Clay blocks (colored)
    Any type of heads
    Items to put in the chests placed throughout the residence
    Mossy cobble/stone
    Cracked stone
    1.7 flowers

    I've set up some hoppers on 4285 if you'd be generous enough to donate. Thanks again, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx. I'll be making a seperate thread tomorrow with details of the event. :)
    Thanks to Elysphic for donating 3000 rupees, which was turned into 8 lapis ore, 16 diamond ore, and 32 various types of tulips.
    Thanks to Jennypoo10 for donating 5 stacks of rose bushes and 10 roasted chicken.
    Thanks to MrUnkownian for donating 10 diamond blocks.
    Thanks to yankees518 for donating miscellaneous ore blocks.
    Thanks to cowland123 for donationg 2 stacks and 30 pumpkins.
    Thanks to xHaro_Der for donating 4 stacks of hardened clay.
    Thanks to krysyyjane9191 to donating her head, which will be tossed during the griefing party!(Tell me if you get it please. :))
    Thanks to AmusedStew to donating 36 stacks of each variation of tulips.
    Thanks to whoever donated 43 glowstone, 27 gold, 16 diamonds, 43 shiny flesh, and 48 gray carpet.
    Thanks to anonymous for donating 18 pumpkins.
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  3. Donated 5 stacks of rose bushes :p + Christmas Turkey (Roasted Chicken)
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  4. I'll donate some hardened, un colored clay so you can choose color.
  5. I'll take any color, just drop it off on SMP2, I'm online as we speak.
  6. I can't get on at the moment, I will be able to on the 26th.
  7. Sounds good. :)
  8. Also, it isn't like a leaving attempt, I'm just doing it to celebrate an awesome year at the empire. :)
  9. Here's a picture of what it looks like currently. Over 45k worth of items/blocks in the residence of this post.
    Lots of diamond ore and chests that aren't visible. ;)
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  10. That looks really nice :p

    Creative idea!
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  11. go to mah smp1 res piggeh, there is 9 stacks of each tulip dere for u
  12. Bump, spread some Christmas joy and donate! <3
  13. Don't forget to check you rupee balance;)
  14. Wow, looks amazing!