[Event] Grief Party at 1984

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  1. Say good bye to my res at 1984 (SMP 1),I'll be hosting the grief party today (Friday) at 6:06 PM (Pacific Time)....
    Here are some pictures to remember my res :(

    1984 Today:
    My Old Hub:
    Parts Of my Roller Coaster:
    2013-12-01_13.19.24.png 2013-12-01_13.19.43.png

    Time Zone:
    Central: 8:06 (PM)
    Eastern: 9:06 (PM)
    GMT: 2:06 (AM)
  2. Why are you going to let people grief it? Are you leaving?
  3. I'm planing something and I'm not leaving... ;)
  4. What time would this be for central?
  5. I'll add the other time zones...
  6. Ok thank you!
  7. What time in Colorado?
  8. what time would this be for mountain time?
  9. It is starting in about 12 minutes!!!
  10. Did I miss it?
  11. 13:41 minutes ago.. So yeah
  12. Awwwwww...