[EVENT]Great Creations of EMC.

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  1. Hello I am IcecreamCattle and I am having a event in which I giveaway prizes to the most worthiest cause of the place.
    The Event: If you have a cool statue, community farm, or other project you need funding for then this is your event.
    How to enter: Send me a pm of your res number what your res is used for and how to use it.
    If it is interactive you may want to give me use perm or an [Access] sign so I may judge the res fully.
    Event Time: You have one week(until 6/11 at 4pm EST) to send me pms with the res number and I will try to judge in a reasonable amount of time.

    Prizes: I will place a judgement out of 10 points 10 being the highest and 3 the lowest with 1 and 2 above it.
    1st place: 1000r
    2nd place: one stack of each time of planks(Or one stack of logs)
    3rd place: a cactus and 1r

    JackBiggin put in a rupee for this contest so give him a hug later.
  2. Isn't this basically what Alex's contest about?
  3. Well this is more as something where the prize goes to whoever seems to have a residence that somehow helps the community. Alex's contest is more for just general awesomeness.
  4. oh okay