[EVENT] Grand Opening School Party

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  1. Hello all!

    The time will be...
    Date: Saturday, October 24 2015 (rescheduled for an emergency)
    Time: 12 PM Empire minecraft time (do /time to view the time)
    Location: SMP4 at /v 8312
    (the drop party will start at 12 PM SHARP, if you are late I am sorry, I can not do anything about it)

    (If you have any questions, message me in-game or on the forums)

    I am hosting a Drop Party, a parkour contest, and a small multilevel maze, because the grand opening of The Official SMP4 School. (If you would like to apply to be a teacher OR student please message me on the forums or in-game while I'm online.) I would like to thank...

    darkness656565-helping build the school and mall with materials assistance.
    llPIKA_GHOSTZll- helping build the mall and material assistance.
    _XxAshleyCxX_-letting me use her own residence for the drop party and donating millions of supplies to the school and future projects.
    Salmatic- helping build the red stone for the drop party
    BlinkyBinky- donating so much rupees and helping me post this!!
    There is still much more people, thank you all so much!

    What the Drop Party Contains:
    Over 300k worth of items adding up to...
    []One inventory full of horse eggs {speeds 64-128)
    []About 32 of each animal egg (not monster)
    []Assorted promos :)
    []Seven stable vouchers, two vault vouchers
    []About 23k worth of rupees in books
    (to receive the money you earned in the books you have to mail them to me the day OF the party)
    []44 saddles
    []Tools and weapons (GOD)
    []A Single Chest of USED bows
    []A Single Chest of good enchanting books
    []An Single Chest of assorted ores, including two stacks of diamonds and 8 diamond blocks

    Rules and instructions:
    In the drop party, no horses are aloud, nor are jumping potions. WARNING: IF YOU ARE CAUGHT WITH A JUMPING POTION OR A HORSE/HORSES, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE PARTY AND ANY FUTURE PARTIES ON THIS RES. Also, you are aloud to bring all of your alts and get more items for the Drop! :)

    In the maze maize, there will be fences and cobble put together, break the blocks and find all the passages to the end, WARNING: IF ANYONE IS CAUGHT ENDER PEARLING TO THE WINNING POINT, YOU WILL BE RES BAN FOR THAT PARTICULAR PARTY.

    First person to finish the maze: 2,ooo rupees plus a 3,ooo free pass to whatever you want in the mall (nothing in the ores section)

    Second person to finish the maze: 1,000 rupees plus a 2,000 free pass to whatever you want in the mall (nothing in the ores section)

    Third person to finish the maze: 500 rupees plus a 1,000 free pass to whatever you want in the mall (every section is aloud)

    Parkour rules:

    First to finish: 1,000 rupees plus 32 iron blocks

    Second to finish: 750 rupees and 8 diamonds

    Third to finish: 500 rupees and 64 iron ingots

    (Donations to the Drop Party and the winners of contests are very appreciated)

    Thank you so much! Hope you all can attend! Have fun!

    Please comment if you are able to make it, so I can have a average amount of drop party items. Thank You. :)

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  2. can I be a teacher I can teach about mobs:p
  3. When will it be?????
  4. mmmhhh duck yum;)
  5. NU don't eat meh or I will eat ur cheeseburger!!!
  6. At the top, it says Saturday October 17 (2015)
  7. Yes, please
    message me in-game for more instructions
  8. I think u can get a diseas if u eat meat as a duck
  9. Instead of making it a rule not to use enderpearls and trying to enforce it, you can just stand on the residence and type "/res set enderpearl f". This will make it so that it won't be possible to enderpearl.
  10. If I could I'd love to be a teacher, over time I have developed many strategies on how to fight mini-bosses and such :)
  11. Also, you can prevent players from using potions by a buff flag. (I can't remember the command though)
  12. darn that will be 4am Sunday morning for me. I'll have to take a rain check on this on.